Works to develop professional development fellowship opportunities for gifted minorities who wish to lead and serve in our nation's underserved communities.



Crafting Opportunities...

Legacy Fellowship Foundation was founded by a core group of individuals concerned about (1)the ever widening opportunity gap faced by underrepresented & talented young men and women of color; and, (2)the pressing need to address issues disproportionately plaguing disadvantaged communities of color.  To simultaneously address these concerns, the Foundation uniquely crafted a professional development fellowship program targeting gifted individuals wishing to pursue leadership roles in our nation's most under-served communities. The Program is designed to offer a cadre of emerging leaders the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and in-depth professional training, all while working intimately with industry leaders and innovative organizations on cutting-edge projects.   

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 Our approach to developing meaningful fellowship opportunities is rather unique. The Foundation sincerely believes that young talent thrives and grows when under the tutelage of inspiring individuals and pioneering organizations. We make it our goal to identify, actively petition, openly solicits & develop partnerships with industry leaders and dynamic noteworthy people who advocate for causes afflicting under-served communities, and who are proponents of equal access and opportunities for underrepresented young leadership. The selected industry leader (known as the named "Legacy") and the Foundation design and develop a Fellows' program predicated on the Legacy’s pathways in their respective field and in line with the Foundation's core areas of concentration. Unlike conventional fellowship programs, which are strictly academic in nature, the Legacy Fellowship Program is a personal development fellowship program. By its very nature, the Program offers emerging leaders the opportunity to develop career pathways while being nurtured by the Legacy administrators, industry professionals, field mentors, colleagues and university instructors.   

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Join us in developing leaders who can meet our nation's most critical challenges.