The Social Capital of a community is measured by the amount of resources and the number of people available to produce better living conditions for its residents. Themis Fellows advocate on behalf of communities lacking in these resources by acting as "good counsel" and agents of change. Fellows liaison with local leadership to resolve problems, encourage resiliency, engage residents and reinforce respect and tolerance.

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When Clean Drinking Water is Luxury....

Themis Fellows work on the front lines of communities in crisis. In addition to providing counsel to residents and local leaders, Fellows assist efforts by educating the public and increasing the awareness of local problems. Fellows often perform assessments, conduct research and submit report materials to requisite agencies to accurately assess local social injustice, race, and poverty related issues

Instigating Dialogue

Fellows are Post-Graduates who wish to work in underserved and low-income communities to address social injustice. Candidates seeking consideration for the Themis Fellowship must demonstrate an interest in using organizing and advocacy skills to achieve social change while demonstrating a commitment to contributing to social justice advocacy following their fellowship term.



Engagement Eclipsing Intervention   ....

Prior to site placement, Themis Fellows receive rigorous training from veteran professionals to better facilitate dialogue & fully understand the issues at hand.  Participants are also given intensive instruction in media presentation, effective activism and movement building. 

To harness a broad communication skill set, Fellows participate in intensive workshops and group social studies by leading professionals; this provides a unified framework by which Fellows can identify, engage in and critically analyze several forms of social oppression and injustices.