In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.

  -Justice Thurgood Marshall

The LIBRE Fellowship is established in the spirit of Justice Thurgood Marshall. His relentless advocacy for defending the voiceless American led him to argue numerous cases such as state-sponsored discrimination, and the notable Supreme Court landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education. As Libre Fellows, participants work on large-scale, modern day issues and inequities which continue to plague the voiceless and minority.    

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Giving Voice

Libre Fellows seek meaningful solutions to a spectrum of long-standing issues afflicting people of color. The Program aims to contextualize issues surrounding America's legal history of segregation, exclusion and racial subordination as it relates to contemporary issues such as voting rights, mass incarceration, race, poverty, educational accessibility, housing discrimination voice to widespread structural barriers and systems which inhibit opportunities and progress.

Change Makers

The Fellowship is for young emerging lawyers and recent law graduates with strong advocacy skills. Highly motivated candidates are individuals looking to gain practical experience. Fellows work on cases which provide a theoretical understanding of how legal advocacy works all while participating in social change.


Strong Footing

Fellows work alongside attorneys, on site, at several legal organizations across the nation undertaking issues of concern. In addition to attending Host University conferences, Fellows attend local, regional and international meetings, receive intensive mentoring and complete multidisciplinary leadership and management training.