Inspiring a Rebirth in Our Nation's Cities

The goal of the Hope Legacy Fellowship Program is to usher in a young group of young visionaries seeking to participate in the revitalization of some of the nation's most vulnerable cities.  


HOPE Fellows work in tandem with local leaders to assist on large-scale revitalization projects, most often with a sustainability component such as U.S. Green Building Council 's designated Leadership in Energy and Environmental and Design (LEEDs) in Neighborhood Development.
Community Builders

Community Builders

Fellows are placed at various large-scale neighborhood  development sites and become community builders in training. Candidates train in practical, multidisciplinary community revitalization initiatives with on emphasis on human development, economic revitalization, and housing development. 


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Agents of Change

Fellows rise to the challenges faced by our most disadvantaged cities. Investing in human capital, and most notable, young visionaries trained as Agents of Change; we can effectively move the trajectory of nation's urban revitalization in a positive direction.

By developing the HOPE Legacy Fellowship Program, the Foundation seeks to foster a cadre of professionals who can parley the practical experience gained working as community builders in urban neighborhoods, and transfer these skills to other complex revitalization projects.