"In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute."                

                                                                                                                               -Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice 

The goal of the Foundation is to usher in a group of young visionaries seeking to address some of our country's most critical issues and who wish to participate in the revitalization of our nation's most vulnerable communities.


Creating Pathways to Leadership

The Foundation offers a unique program platform & organizational structure which distinguishes itself from conventional fellowship programs. Our business model places an emphasis on uniquely crafting experiences for young talent to be mentored by distinguished individuals at pioneering universities, while immersing themselves in cutting-edge projects.     

Program Platform

  • Allows Fellows to work on cutting edge projects lead by industry leaders, distinguished academics, and pioneering organizations.

  • Focuses on areas of concentration in which minorities are underrepresented.

  • Places Fellows on the front lines of current and relevant issues which dramatically affect communities of color. 

Organizational Structure

  • Operations: Foundation representatives work in tandem with the Host University to craft a fellowship program and project. Once developed, the Foundation takes on a program oversight role while the University Partner takes on the day-to-day program management role. 

  • Selection Panel: A selection process is overseen by a joint committee which establishes candidate criteria and a vetting process. The committee is comprised of a volunteer Blue Ribbon Panel of private, public, nonprofit and academic experts in their respective fields. This protocol guarantees an impartial and objective selection process while ensuring the Foundation fulfills its charitable mission.