Ensuring a Continuous Pipeline of Future Leaders


The financial sustainability of our programs is made possible by generous individuals, corporations, and foundation donors. We also take great pride in participating in many new adaptable vehicles for collective giving such as giving circles, donor networks, and crowdfunding platforms. By casting a wide net, we’ve created a global reach to leverage optimal funding sources.

Fund Partner

We believe partnering with one of the nation's largest nonprofit educational organizations positions the Foundation to confidently develop a successful suite of fellowship programs. Our funding partner's impeccable reputation as a strong leader in the financing and administration of minority academic scholarships and fellowship programs puts the Foundation on solid footings. Our Fund Partner assist with Fund Management & Back Office Solutions. 

(1) Fund Management

  •  Investment Fund Management - Manages contributions made to the Foundation, in addition to advising on asset management. 

  •  Endowment Fund Management - Oversees capital campaigns to endow Fellowship Positions. The Fund Manager also provides advice on asset management and the acceptance of complex donor gifts.


(2) Back Office Solutions 

Our partner assists in a wide range of back offices solutions including technical assistance, fund development, donor assistance, advisory of planned gifts/donor advised funds/matching gifts and complex gifts. Additional services includes: 

Accounting - monitor operating budgets and processes accounts payable.

Back Office Services - gift and grant processing, reporting and audit preparation.

Due Diligence - ensuring domestic & international grants comply with regulations.

Gift Processing - accept & deposit donations and donor acknowledgement.